Recent Games

Hatoful Boyfriend

Flap your wings for dove

Delivery Outlaw

A delivery boy to a crime boss? KIND OF AWESOME

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma

Ever wanted to operate on a mutant bear with a chainsaw?

Foul Play

Take to the stage for FOUL PLAY: The Perilous and ENTIRELY ACCURATE adventures of Baron Dashforth!

Amateur Surgeon Hospital

Always wanted to run your own hospital? Lack of basic hygiene or medical knowledge holding you back? NOT ANY MORE!

BAFTA Video Games Awards 2012

Amateur Surgeon 2

Alan Probe comes out of retirement to contend with 20 new surgical procedures of questionably necessary proportions!


Create, explore and express your style – Superbia is the hottest online hangout for kids and fans of the Disney Channel!

Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess

Only sweeping accusations and devastating style can save your Princess from the fate she will (possibly) face now!

Who's that flying?

Side-scrolling shooter crossed with tower defence (with courtroom drama and intrigue!) doused in sheer awesomeness… THEN SET ON FIRE!

Must Eat Birds

A glorious spread of sponges is under imminent threat from an avian invasion - they've come for the cake and they don't intend to share.

Amateur Surgeon

In this smash hit franchise, Alan Probe is forced to turn surgeon and operate with nothing more than a pizza-cutter and a steady hand.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Chase your dreams all over again -- this time as a robot unicorn, panda, wolf, gorilla, saber-toothed tiger, and a dragon!