Who’s That Flying?! Release Date Delay

Posted by Jim - Monday 11th October 2010

Hi everyone,

We're very disappointed to have to announce that the launch of our latest Sony PlayStation minis title, "Who's That Flying?!" has unfortunately been delayed until next month.

A last minute bug was discovered in the last few days by a handful of players that had received preview vouchers for the final game.

The bug affects a very small minority of older-style PlayStation 3 units, causing the game to crash when played on the PlayStation 3.

Sony is working with us to identify and solve the issue.

While we are confident that it will be fixed in short order, we have had to push back the launch date to enable the update to be applied.

We're really sorry for the delay, but we definitely want everyone to be able to have the same (hopefully awesome) experience, regardless of their set-up!

We hope to have some good news and a new launch date confirmed very soon, and will post updates as soon as we know more!

Thanks again to everyone for their support and encouragement so far!