Who’s That Flying!? - Our new minis game

Posted by Paul - Wednesday 4th August 2010

Today we're super excited to reveal details on our second PSP minis project - Who?s That Flying!?



It's an original title that will be available soon on the PSN store for both the PS3 and the PSP. The game is best summed up by Writer and Producer Jim:


You are the mysterious and powerful creature known only as the "Guardian of Earth". Your steely eye and HYPER-POWERED LASER ARM have kept the citizens of Earth safe for generations (as well as proving a hit with the ladies).

With all your awesome TALENT and FLAIR, surely it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a sudden and devastating invasion of colossal Doom Beasts to descend on your cities and cause havoc without your knowledge? (Even if you were MAYBE showboating for a magazine photo-shoot at the time...)

Now, you must not only defend your cities from the ravenous hordes of Doom Beasts - you must defend yourself against accusations of gross incompetence from the Galactic Council of Justice! And this is all BEFORE you can even start to get to the bottom of just who OR what is really behind the attacks...

It's side-scrolling shooter meets tower defence (with courtroom drama and intrigue!) doused in sheer awesomeness... AND THEN SET ON FIRE.



At the centre of the game is Story mode which follows the hero through fifteen levels across six worlds protecting the Earth from the invasion of the Doom Beasts. Like our previous game MPSMP, the story mode in WTF!? features beautiful animated cut-scenes as you unravel the mysteries of the invasion. In WTF!? these scenes are set in the chambers of the Galactic council with the Guardian of Earth being interviewed on his actions.


The game's core mechanic is a mixture of a side-scrolling shooter and a tower defence game. As the hero you must prevent a certain number of enemies from escaping into the city in each level in order to save the city from the invasion.

As the ultra powerful hero you?re both awesome and indestructible but getting hit means that you?re out of action for a while ? giving enemies a chance to escape. If you let too many enemies past you the city will be destroyed and you?ll lose the level.

In addition to the story mode the game has four different 'infinite' mode levels and a special challenge mode with twenty five unique challenges to take on - we've managed to squeeze in a lot of great content.


We're all super excited about the launch of the game and looking forward to hear what you think!